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April 6 or March 28, 1483 – April 6, 1520. Italian painter.

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Diego Velazquez
Innocent X (detail) (df01)
ID: 22597

Diego Velazquez Innocent X (detail) (df01)
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Diego Velazquez Innocent X (detail) (df01)

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Diego Velazquez

Spanish Baroque Era Painter, 1599-1660 Spanish painter. He was one of the most important European artists of the 17th century, spending his career from 1623 in the service of Philip IV of Spain. His early canvases comprised bodegones and religious paintings, but as a court artist he was largely occupied in executing portraits, while also producing some historical, mythological and further religious works. His painting was deeply affected by the work of Rubens and by Venetian artists, especially Titian, as well as by the experience of two trips (1629-31 and 1649-51) to Italy. Under these joint influences he developed a uniquely personal style characterized by very loose, expressive brushwork. Although he had no immediate followers, he was greatly admired by such later painters as Goya and Manet  Related Paintings of Diego Velazquez :. | Jester Named Don John of Austria | The Spinners or The Fable of Arachne | Portrait allegorique de Philippe IV (df02) | Los Borrachos | Le Prince Baltasar Carlos avec son nain (df02) |
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British Painter, 1858-1904, Scottish painter. He was trained in Edinburgh under James Campbell Noble (1846-1913) and at the Royal Scottish Academy Schools. His early works are peasant subjects in a subdued tonal style. While at the Acad?mie Julian in Paris and at Grez-sur-Loing (1878-81) he developed a colouristic watercolour style with strong chiaroscuro. This was consolidated during his journey in 1881 to Egypt and Constantinople, and on trips between 1890 and 1893 to Spain (with Frank Brangwyn) and North Africa. Contrasts of strong sunlight and coloured shadows were created in his 'blottesque' technique of colour droplets on paper saturated with Chinese white: sponge and brushwork were used to clarify form, as in Little Bullfight: 'Bravo Toro' (c. 1888-9; London, V&A). He was associated with the Glasgow Boys and influenced their development of colour and design. His closest contact with them came during outdoor sketching trips in Scotland between 1882 and 1889, and in Paris in 1886 and 1889. In 1886 he became an Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy and developed a strongly decorative oil style, seen in Audrey and her Goats (1884-9; London, Tate).
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(Valencia, 1744-Madrid, 1808). Pintor español, formado en la Academia de San Carlos de Valencia. Hacia 1780 se instal?? en Murcia, donde sucedi?? a Salzillo como director de la Escuela de Dibujo de la Real Sociedad Econ??mica. En 1784 trabaj?? en las obras pict??ricas de la iglesia de Santiago en Jumilla (Murcia), y cinco años m??s tarde, protegido por el conde de Floridablanca, se march?? a Madrid donde comenz?? su actividad pict??rica en la corte y fue nombrado pintor de c??mara de Carlos IV. Especializado en el g??nero del retrato, tanto individual como colectivo, recibi?? numerosos encargos de la realeza y la nobleza. Entre ellos destaca, La familia de Carlos IV (Prado), Jos?? de Moñino y Redondo, conde de Floridablanca y Francisco de Moñino y Redondo (ambos en la colecci??n del Banco de España).

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